Emotional resilience through counselling


I have worked as a counsellor for many years supporting people with their emotional and mental health.  Managing and overcoming stress caused by work issues or by very difficult life events, is my area of expertise. People often arrive feeling sceptical and slightly ashamed that they have got to the point where they need to ask for counselling support. However, they leave wishing they had come sooner and telling their friends and colleagues they should come too! 

There is still a certain stigma about seeking talking therapy for problems of the mind and spirit and yet we are complex individuals with complex mind, body, spirit interconnections. One of my frustrations of working within the mental health sector is that many people end up unnecessarily on medication for low mood or anxiety without any support in addressing overall health or life choices. There are alternatives to medication - talking therapy being one, also feeding our bodies well, finding exercise that works for us, and making choices that nourish us on a deeper level. Nutritional advice is rarely offered as a pathway to improved mental wellbeing, yet food is what regulates our hormones which are what regulate our mood. Of course, life events such as bereavement and divorce will impact on our emotions and food cannot cause life circumstances to change, but making good healthy choices at those times will help in negotiating and managing life's challenges.

If you are experiencing mild to moderate depression and / or anxiety or dealing with a difficult life event, contact me for an exploration of how we could work together. If a more whole and joined up approach to your mental health and overall wellbeing is of interest, then do make contact.  We will explore your thoughts, feelings, motivations, and what's important to you, as well as how sound nutritional advice can transform your experience of life. 

My private practice is based in Frome, Somerset and I also work by phone and Skype.

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